“You Guys Are The Bestest Cooks,” Says Malaika Arora As She Relishes A Delectable Meal

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We often associate our comfort with home-cooked meals. In simple words, nothing can beat maa ke hath ka khana. And, Malaika Arora thinks on similar lines. The actress has shared a picture of delectable food she enjoyed in the comfort of her home. The Sunday platter was prepared by her parents,  Joyce Arora and Anil Arora. In the frame, we see a plate of white rice with curry poured on the top of it. And, oh boy. It looks lip-smacking. She wrote, “You guys are the bestest cooks.” Malaika also added a GIF, “Mom day”.

Malaika Arora is known for her high quotient and toned body. But, being a foodie, she has her own indulgences too. Malaika knows how to strike the right balance between eating what she loves and maintaining a perfect physique. She once shared a picture of a tangy gourmet treat on her Stories. It was a plate full of olives. She wrote “basic” as the caption of it. Olives create an explosion of salt and sour flavour inside our mouth and we love it. Besides this, olives are a great source of vitamin E.

Well, this is not the first time Malaika Arora is giving us a glimpse from her that happens to be home-cooked. Once she uploaded a picture of drool-worthy kadhi chawalon her Instagram Stories that left us craving. We could see a bowl of white rice soaked in spiced kadhi with fried fritters (bhajiyas). We could also spot some aam ka achar that made us hungry instantly. 

Seems like is the most important part of the day for Malaika Arora. She once had aloo parathas for lunch. She relished the signature platter with mango pickle. “Happiness in my plate,” she wrote for the caption. 

What do you have to say about Malaika Arora’s food adventures? Let us know in the comments below. 


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