World Vegan Day 2021: These 9 Snack Recipes Are Must-Try If You Follow A Vegan Diet

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Veganism is slowly but surely evolving from a fad diet to an active choice for many people around the globe. This plant-based diet eliminates the consumption of meat, fish, chicken, and even dairy products like milk. But while you opt for , you need to make sure your body gets all the required nutrients. It is imperative to have an alternative to every food item in the vegan world to make it a sustainable diet. Many vegan options are available for a full meal, but you may be left scratching your head when it comes to snacking. On the occasion of World Vegan Day, observed on November 1 every year, we have curated a list of healthy vegan snacks for you.

1) Lentil, Pumpkin And Cranberry Soup

If you are someone who finds comfort in a bowl of soup, you must try out this recipe. Lentil, pumpkin and cranberry is a healthy combination. Add a bunch of spices to it and the soup spells comfort in capital letters.

2) Tofu With Vegetables And Black Bean Sauce

Tofu is largely preferred by vegans. After all, it is a classic alternative of that’s loved by most people. For this, all you need is some onion, broccoli, tofu, some spices and black bean sauce, of course.

3) Spinach Soup With Chickpeas

If you follow a plant-based diet, you would know that both spinach and chickpeas are loaded with protein. This soup is a healthy as well as delicious combination that you can relish frequently.

4) Cakes

These are small, deep-fried rice balls coated with peanuts, which is quite popular among the vegan population and is a great source of protein. Peanut-and-rice cakes are tasty and can be prepared within 30 minutes. Try this out as an evening snacks.

5) BBQ (, Beets, Quinoa)

Before you ask, let us tell you, yes, it is as delicious as it sounds. This is a perfect vegan blend of quinoa, barley, baby beet and , making for a nutritious snack. Don’t forget to garnish it with some greens while serving.

6) Hummus With Coriander

A popular Middle Eastern dip, hummus is as versatile as it gets. This recipe calls for chickpeas, tahini and vegetables. It is easy to cook, takes little time to whip up and is yummy too! Use coriander leaves for garnishing.

7) Vegan Bacon

Did this just pique your curiosity? Well, it isn’t impossible to recreate any food item to suit a vegan diet. If you were a non-vegetarian who has just switched to vegan lifestyle, make this vegan bacon using banana peels and you’ll be amazed by the results.

8) Tofu Bhurji

Why crave scrambled when you can get similar results with tofu? This recipe is a great option when you want to relish something scrumptious and filling. This recipe is packed with calcium and is a great option for snacking.

9) Tumbler Idli

Who said idlis are only supposed to be round? Prepare this snack with urad dal, spices and rice, and the steam them in tumblers. They not only look appealing but taste equally good too.

Are you feeling hungry already? Most of these snacks are made with whole grains and loaded with vegetables that will surely leave you and your family craving for more.


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