World Mental Health Day 2020: Foods To Eat And Diet Tips From Experts

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Mental illnesses have become more rampant now than ever. Coronavirus pandemic worsened the existing mental health situation across the globe, forcing us to look deeper and come out with effective solutions. Depression, insomnia, anxiety, absentmindedness, lethargy are just some of the common of poor mental health, which, in worse scenarios, may lead to bigger health problems. To raise awareness and highlight the gravity of the problem, October 10 of every year has been earmarked as World Mental Health Day.

What Do Experts Say?

Experts suggest that healthy diet combined with lifestyle modification may bring about physiological and psychological well-being of affected people. A published in the journal ‘Science Direct’ suggested that there is a strong association between a poor diet and depression, mood disorders, anxiety and other neuropsychiatric conditions.


Consultant Psychologist Madhumita Ghosh says, “Food and the chemicals in our brains interact with each other all day long. A good diet with a variety of healthy foods may have different but positive effects on our brain.”

A study by experts published in the journal European Neuropsychopharmacology claimed, “Mediterranean diet rich in vegetables, nuts and olive oil has been proven to have positive effects on mental health.”

Foods To Eat:

Carb-Rich Foods:

Carbohydrates give rise to a brain chemical called Serotonin, which can help people overcome stress. So, have adequate, if not excessive, healthy carbs through whole wheat breads, grains like oats and ragi.

Vitamin D-Rich Foods: 

Vitamin D-deficiency can dampen mood, induce lethargy and poor memory. Oats, , dairy products, fish, egg yolk, orange juice – are all good sources of vitamin D.

Protein-Rich Foods: 

Chicken, eggs, cottage , almonds, beans, lentils and are rich in proteins and should be a part of your regular diet.

Omega 3-Rich Foods: 

The healthy fats from Omega 3 are considered good for brain and mood. Have fatty fish like salmon, mackerel and tuna. Also include walnuts and soy in your diet. 

Fresh Fruits And Vegetables:

Experts suggest consuming around two cups of fruits and about three cups of vegetables every day for sound mental health. 

Take help from these diet tips and include these mood-lifting foods to live this beautiful life with healthy and happy mind. 

(This content including advice provides generic information only. It is in no way a substitute for qualified medical opinion. Always consult a specialist or your own doctor for more information. MyDietPlan does not claim responsibility for this information.)

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