Wondering How Famous Dessert Baklava Is Made? Viral Video Explains

If there’s one thing in among most cuisines of the world, it has to be the penchant for desserts. These sugar-laden treats tempt our tastebuds and bring a sweet end to our meal. From Churros to the Italian Tiramisu, there are a number of global desserts which have become hot favourites. One such dessert is the yummy Baklava from the Middle East. Baklava is a staple dessert in Turkish cuisine, and it is essentially a layered pastry made by baking in the oven sweetened with sugar syrup or honey. The pastry’s flaky layers encompass crushed dry and oodles of within – which makes it a go-to delight for festivities such as Eid.

Recently, blogger Amar Sirohi (@foodieincarnate) posted a short clip of how the famous Baklava is actually made. The video has gone viral on YouTube in just a few days’ time. Take a look:

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The making of Baklava has garnered 2.5 million views and counting. It is also featuring on the number eight position among the top trending videos on YouTube India.

In the short clip, the blogger explains the behind-the-scenes processes of Baklava. He says that the Turkish favourite is made by first rolling sheets of Maida very finely. This creates up to 70 or more layers within the pastry which gives it the trademark crisp flakiness. Then, each Maida sheet is lined in a baking tin along with dry fruits and clarified butter or . The Baklava is baked and drizzled with sugar syrup and more dry fruit, and served fresh!

If all this talk about Baklava has made you hungry, worry not! We have the full recipe of the yummy dessert for you to try. This recipe uses ready-made pastry sheets for an easier cooking experience. Click here for the full recipe.

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