Winter Special: Make Adrak, Lahsun, And Mirchi Achar And Add A Fiery Zing To Your Meal

There’s no doubting that achar is an integral part of any traditional Indian meal. It’s one of those accompaniments that we have jars full of on our kitchen counters. Since our childhood, we have always seen our dadis and nanis, mixing spices, oils, and one core ingredient to create a perfect taste of achar. And after days of it fermenting, a spoonful of this goodness would spruce up our meal and give us an explosion of flavour. So, if you also miss having that lip-smacking taste of a pickle, then fret not. Here we bring you a special of , lahsun and Mirchi achar that you can make in no time!

As we were in search of some quick and easy , we came across this pickle by food vlogger “Cook with Parul.” In her recipe, the three main ingredients used are , and green chillies. This dish does not require any extra fancy ingredients. But the best part about making this adrak, lahsun and mirchi achar is also that you don’t need to ferment it for days! Cook it in just 10 minutes and enjoy it with your meals. Read the recipe below:

Here Is The Recipe Of Adrak, Lahsun And Mirchi Achar | Adrak, Lahsun And Mirchi Achar Recipe

To make this achar, first, take ginger, green chillies and garlic. Cut them all in small bite-size pieces. Then chop some part of the three ingredients to make a coarse texture. Then mix them all in a bowl. Now add , kalaunji, and white vinegar. Let it rest for an hour. After an hour, add red chilli powder, haldi powder and ajwain. Mix it well.

Now for the achar masala, take a pan and add dhaniya, saunf, methi and rai. Roast them on low flame. Let it cool and make a coarse powder in a blender. Now in the same pan, add mustard oil and let it heat on high flame.

Next, slowly mix the masala and oil in the achar bowl and combine. Once it is ready, store it and enjoy it any time!

Watch The Full Recipe Of Adrak, Lahsun And Mirchi Achar here:

Make this dish and let us know how you liked the taste of it!

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