Winter-Special: How To Make Masala Doodh (3 Easy Recipes)

masala doodh

Everybody has had a bittersweet relationship with a glass of as children – some hated it, while others gulped it down in seconds. Whatever our thoughts about milk were, as we grew up, we understood the pool of benefits the tall glass came with and have tried incorporating it into our daily diet as much as possible. So, if are like us, you are used to drinking a plain glass of milk every day, why not spice things up with some delicious masala doodh recipes right in time for the frosty winters. The flavours of milk, , and are mixed in a delightful combination to make the famous masala doodh. Masala doodh is a common find in the streets of North Indian where you can find them being prepared in huge batches by the local halwai. The milk is continuously simmered until it starts thickening; it is then topped with Kesar, dry , and other ingredients of your choice and served steaming hot in a kulhad.

However, if you are someone who does not live in North India, or just doesn’t want to go looking for this winter favourite, you can easily make it from the comfort of your own kitchen. We bring for you not one, but three recipes for making the classic masala doodh. Mix Haldi and make a haldi masala doodh or go for the signature Kesar doodh, the choice is yours.

Winter-Special: How To Make Masala Doodh | Easy Masala Doosh Recipes

1. Haldi Masala Doodh:

Haldi masala doodh is something our mothers and grandmothers are familiar with, it has also often been referred to as liquid gold because of the beautiful yellow hue the turmeric leaves on the milk. With the healing and anti-inflammatory properties of turmeric, combined with the benefits of other spices, this is the perfect drink to develop immunity and stay healthy this winter. Here is the recipe for you.

2. Masala Doodh Mix:

The classic Masala Doodh mix is simply made by combining some delicious dry fruits like almonds and pistachio, spices like cardamom, nutmeg and Kesar and making a coarse powder out of it. The best part about this classic masala doodh recipe is that you can make the mix and store it in an airtight container for a few weeks. Anytime you want masala milk, just add a teaspoon of the mix in a warm glass of milk and enjoy. Click here for the recipe.

3. Kesar Masala Doodh:

Saffron has several that can greatly benefit your health. Kesar masala doodh is especially quite popular with people for its delicious taste and nutrients. All you need for this delicious winter drink is a few strands of the orange-crimson Kesar, some honey and green cardamoms, garnish with a choice of your favourite for a nutty crunchy texture. Here is the detailed recipe you can follow.

Make the most of the wintertime with these warm and comforting drinks. Let us know which one you are trying first, in the comments below.

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