Winter Special: How To Make Gud Till Ladoo That’ll Keep You Warm In Winter

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With the onset of winters, Indian pantries see a comeback of some of the quintessential winter ingredients like Gud (Jaggery) and Til (Sesame). This combination of slightly sesame seeds with the mild sweetness of jaggery always seems to hit the right spot when it comes to winter munching. In fact, from til gud papadi to til gud , these two ingredients come together to make a list of dishes that help satiate our winter sweet cravings. What’s even better is that the combo is as beneficial as it is delicious. With the abundance of these ingredients in winter, why not enjoy them as quick and easy sweet treats that can be made and stored for a long time. One such recipe that can be easily made with just these two ingredients is – Gud Til Ladoo.

Benefits Of Til And Gud:

Til seeds are known to be naturally warming and help us boost our immunity to brave against the cold winters. The same goes for jaggery; it is known for its warming properties and should be included in our winter . Dietician Sunita Chowdhary points out that, “Jaggery is beneficial to have in winter as it helps to dilate blood vessels and produces warmth in the body. Jaggery is made from sugar cane or from date palm and the heat is produced by the high calorie content in it.”

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Considering the above points, we bring to you this ladoo recipe that you can enjoy in the chilly winter months:

: How To Make Gud Til Ladoo l Gud Til Ladoo Recipe

Slightly roast til seeds before starting the recipe. Let this sit aside to cool down. In a pan, add and melt gud, add til seeds, cardamom powder and other ingredients and mix well. Let this cool off. Apply some ghee on your palm and roll ladoos. Enjoy them slightly hot or store them in an airtight container for the next few days.

Click here for the recipe of Gud til ladoo.

What are you waiting for? Prepare this easy and delicious Gud til ladoo recipe at home and get munching!

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