Winter Recipes: How To Make Matar Pattice For A Quick Evening Snack (Recipe Inside)


Out of the many seasonal that we enjoy in the winters, green peas () have to be one of the most beloved ones. They have a distinctively refreshing taste and the versatility needs no introduction. This crunchy, sweet, and delicious can be used in a number of ways – from stuffing it in samosas to making curries out of it; matar truly is an essential part of our winter diets. And if you are a fan of the humble pea just like us, you are in luck, because what we’ve got for you here is another delicious that you can make with green peas. It is crunchy and delicious and fits perfectly with your evening cup of tea and is called .

If you are a fan of pattice, you are surely going to love this interesting winter version of the recipe. A mashed potato ball is filled with spicy green matar filling and then deep-fried. The matar pattice is easy to make and requires not many ingredients. Just a handful of and the two major ingredients that is potato and green matar. You may add cashews and raisins in the filling to elevate the taste and texture of the pattice or go with a simple green matar filling as well. Follow this easy recipe to make this winter tea time essential at home.

How To Make Matar Pattice l Matar Pattice Recipe

Make the mattar filling by cooking blanched green peas along with coriander, coconut, cashews, raisins, and some spices. Create the potato outer by mashing boiled potatoes and mixing corn flour for the hold and bread crumbs for the texture. Make tiny potato balls and stuff them with the filling, seal, and coat with bread crumbs before deep frying this crunchy and lip-smacking Mattar pattice.

Here is the detailed recipe for Matar pattice.

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