What Is The Correct Way To Hold Chopsticks? 16 Mn Views For Video

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Korean dramas and Korean music are having a moment in India. Popular boy band BTS enjoys a fan following of its own in the country. K-Dramas are some of the most-watched on OTT platforms. With the rising interest in Korean culture, Korean too has gained immense popularity. One key feature of Korean food is noodles or Ramen, which is typically eaten with the help of chopsticks. It is quite difficult for a beginner to learn the ropes of using chopsticks. A hilarious viral video captured this exact issue in a super relatable and way. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Instagram by user Jason (@kiwisoju) where it received over 16.3 million views and 1 million likes. “How to hold chopsticks properly,” was the header of the video clip shared on Instagram Reels.

In the viral video, Jason illustrated how to hold chopsticks properly. He explained how they should be held and then proceeded to grab everything in his vicinity except for the noodles. Thus, the joke was that chopsticks can help you hold literally everything except for what its intended for – . “All jokes. Share it to someone who can’t use chopsticks,” he wrote in the caption.

Instagram users could relate to the epic and funny video. Several left their comments to the clip. One user wrote, “My dad taught me while I was in Korea. Took me like a month to learn.” Another stated, “Don’t do that to the melon!”

In case you’re still wondering , we have something for you. It’ll only take you a few minutes to learn the ropes of using chopsticks with these quick and easy .

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