What Is Black Jalebi? All You Need To Know About This Unique Sweet From Old Delhi

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We all know of the classic ! Sweet, spirally and golden, this classic desi sweet has been a favourite among Indian foodies. But have you ever heard of black jalebis? No, we are not talking about jalebi or burnt jalebi, there is an actual dish called black jalebi! Hearing it at first might make you think that this is the latest invented by culinary enthusiasts but the secret is that this is an exclusive delicacy from Old Delhi. Along the quaint streets of Old Delhi, you will find a halwai shop with the name Sultanji & Snacks near Jama Masjid. Home to the unusual delicacy, there you can find black jalebis being prepared in big cauldrons. While this shop opened some time in the past few years, it is a branch of the same chain that is extremely popular in Madhya Pradesh for the signature black jalebis. Take a look:

The video was uploaded by Instagram based @paidaishi_foodie and it has 106k views and 2k likes.

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The signature black colour of the jalebi is linked to the batter that is used to make this unique delicacy. Typically, jalebi is prepared using maida but the black jalebi batter is made of khoya and potato starch. When this mixture is piped into hot oil, the khoya caramelises and turns black in colour. The black jalebis are then soaked in sugar syrup to give a delicious taste. These jalebis are also known as khoya jalebi or mawa jalebi. The jalebis are crisp on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside. This mawa jalebi is a cross between jalebis and gulab jamun, making them taste oh-so delicious!

Sounds interesting, right?! Would you be interested in trying out this sweet delicacy? Do share your thoughts about black jalebi in the comments section below!

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