Weight Loss: 5 Refreshing Apple Salads That May Help You Lose Those Extra Kilos

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A doctor isn’t the only thing that an apple keeps away; it also helps keep excessive fat at bay! With hordes of fad diets and meal plans flooding our timelines, it is easy to lose all hope amongst the confusion. However, if you find yourself drowning in the sea of ’10-day-weight-loss’ programs, let us help you out! One of the simplest and most accessible solutions for weight loss is apple. Yes, you read that right. This nutritious fruit comes with a list of benefits and aiding weight loss is one of them. For instance, did you know that apples are one of the most preferred negative calorie fruits? For the unversed, negative calorie fruits are the ones that require a greater number of calories to digest than the number of calories present in them. This makes it one of the best items to include in your weight loss journey. Given the many benefits of apples and their proven effect on weight loss, we bring for you a list of crunchy, refreshing, and easy apple salads that you can prepare to eat home:

5 Refreshing Apple Salads That May Help You Lose Weight:

1. Spiced Paneer, Chana, And Apple Salad:

No doubt apple is one of the most favoured salad ingredients across the world. Its crunchy and sweet taste and texture help spruce up the taste of any salad. In this protein-packed salad, you would also find the goodness of spiced chana and paneer. With so many textures and flavours in one bowl, we bet you are going to love this. Click here for the recipe.

2. Apple Walnut Salad:

Along with apples, the salad has other beneficial ingredients like walnuts and pine nuts. Walnuts are an excellent source of omega-3 fatty acid or polyunsaturated fatty acid. Other than this, its high protein and fibre content helps facilitate weight loss. Along with that, pine nuts too are considered great for dieters; thanks to the presence of Pinolenic Acid. Mix these highly beneficial ingredients to create this delish salad; click here for the recipe.

3. Waldorf Salad:

This classic apple Waldorf salad is one that you must try! The recipe pairs the sweet and crunchy apples with , lemon juice, celery and some nuts. It is finally folded with a creamy mayonnaise dressing and it makes for an absolute delicious and must-try salad for all occasions. Click here for the recipe

4. Green Apple Salad:

With healthy ingredients like green apples, olives, spring onions and coriander leaves, this Thai-inspired salad is a blast of vibrant flavours and health. Click here for the recipe.

5. Guava, Paneer And Apple Salad:

Guava is extremely rich in and the combination of guava, apple, cottage cheese, and cucumbers is a unique and tasty one that you will want to go back to, again and again. This salad is drizzled with a date, tamarind and jaggery dressing. Click here for the recipe.

Try these sweet, delicious, crunchy and nutritious salad when on a . Happy Weight loss to you!

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