Weekend Special: Try Out This Easy One-Pot Chicken Biryani Recipe Today

chicken biryani

Who doesn’t love chicken ?! Flavourful and aromatic rice with juicy, masaledaar chicken makes for a delicious and wholesome meal that everybody loves. This delicious rice dish is often prepared for a special occasion or celebration as it needs a lot of preparation to make this elaborate dish. The masala has to be made, the chicken needs to be cooked, the rice has to be made, overall making biryani at home can become an extremely long affair. But who has the time to for that? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if biryani could be made easily without all the time and effort? Don’t worry, we have your back! We have found a one-pot chicken biryani recipe that has been designed to prepare biryani quickly and easily. This one-pot chicken biryani will yield you the same tastes and flavours of the classic biryani, without the effort!

The key to making a one-pot recipe is that all the cooking is done in a pressure cooker. The pressure cooker quickly cooks all the without wasting a lot of time. You’ll need to marinate chicken for only 30 minutes.

Place a pressure cooker on low flame, add cumin seeds, bay leaves, , anise, cardamom, cloves, ginger-garlic and chopped . Once the loses colour, add the marinated chicken and mix well. Next, add , green chillies. Now add all the masalas. After a few minutes, add soaked rice and water and seal the pressure cooker. Till now the chicken would be semi-cooked the rest of the cooking will happen with the rice. Pressure cook the biryani for 2 whistles. The biryani will be ready! Click here for the step-by-step recipe of One Pot Chicken Biryani.

You serve this biryani with raita and salan and you will have a party on a plate.

Try out this quick and easy recipe of biryani and do tell us in the comments section how you liked it.

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