Watch: Woman Breaks World Record For Eating Maximum Number Of Chicken Nuggets

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are something that people across the world have their eyes set on. Till now, we are sure that you must have heard of many world records like someone having the longest nails to even a parrot opening the maximum number of cans in a short time. But if there is anything that we always look out for, it is for people breaking world records with food! In the sport of , which entails pushing one’s binge-eating prowess to its limits, world records are frequently broken. Many people are focused on the cash award and attention that may be earned simply by eating a specific amount of food in a certain amount of time. Recently, another such world record was broken. This time, it was of a woman eating the maximum number of nuggets in just 60 seconds!

As per Guinness World Record’s official website, from the United Kingdom broke the record of eating the maximum number of chicken nuggets in one minute. Leah, who already holds several , ate 352 g (12.42 oz, or the equivalent of a share box of 19 nuggets) of McDonald’s chicken nuggets in 60 seconds. You can check out the official post made by Guinness World Record here:

Before Leah, this world record was held by model and competitive eater Nela Zisser.

While this is just one such record that Leah holds, earlier, she had also broken another world record in the field of competitive eating. Last time, she had eaten a maximum number of jelly doughnuts in three minutes. That challenge was not easy for her as the sweetness from the doughnuts was a lot to digest. She also had to wipe the plate clean for any sugary bits from the doughnuts. Leah was also seen taking in breathers to digest the food properly. Nevertheless, the woman went through the challenge and broke the world record. You can read about it here.

As Leah keeps breaking these world records, we cannot wait to see what will be next on her list!

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