Watch: Toddler’s Reaction Upon Receiving Snacks Will Tug At Your Heartstrings

Children are truly a bundle of innocence that always make us smile with their little tactics. It could be them taking their first steps, playing around with pets, or even trying to help you with your daily chores. Every little thing they do never fails to amuse and impress us! Plus, as a parent, when your child is full of gratitude towards anyone, it always makes you happy. Recently, one such toddler who is full of gratitude and love is winning the heart of the internet. If you are thinking why, allow us to tell you. In a video that is doing the rounds on the internet, we can see a baby girl reacting to some that her mom made. Her adorable reaction has caught the eyes of many.

In a video uploaded by user @natalieandbruna, we can see the mother (Bruna Fava) surprising her (Natalie) with some snacks. At the beginning of the video, you can see that the girl is sitting in her toddler chair, eagerly waiting for some . Then her mom brings in the most adorable snacks you would have ever seen! It was a bear folded in a puff pastry blanket. Upon seeing that creation, her daughter instantly becomes happy, points toward the , and says, “Mommy, baby and mommy.” Take a look at the full video here: 

Ever since the video was uploaded, it has garnered 469K views, 27K likes and several comments! Many people said that her daughter is too adorable. One person wrote, “I love her little voice and lots of love to y’all too!” Another user said, “Aww! She is too adorable & always grateful! You are a wonderful mother!”

Many people also said, “She’s cute! First kissing the food before devouring it,” and “Your daughter is so full of light. She truly enjoys everything.”

Someone also told how their daughter does a similar thing. The user said, “Oh my God, I feel like my daughter acts so similar. She makes her teddy pray and tries feeding him her milk every time. So cute. My daughter is a little younger though, 21 months.”

What do you think about this wholesome video? Let us know in the comments below!

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