Watch: Street Vendor Makes Bizarre Green Chilli Ice-Cream; Leaves Internet Confused

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Do you remember the time when your parents would take you out at night to get a delicious cone of ? We would stand near the ice cream stall and carefully look at the menu board to pick something of our liking! Whether it was the classic flavours of , strawberry and butterscotch, or the fruitier flavours and Sundae, a scoop of ice cream was always soul-soothing for us! But what if we told you that someone turned our favourite sweet ice cream into a spicy treat? Would you believe us? Well, believe it or not, our beloved ice cream has fallen victim to the bizarre trends! Recently, a spotted a vendor making “chilli ice-cream”, and this weird combination has left many people unhappy.

In a video uploaded by the YouTube channel “Spoons Of Indore 2.0,” they showed us a street vendor making ice cream with green chillies. In the video, first, we can see the vendor chopping green chillies, and then he added Nutella and cream on top of it. Then, he combined the flavours and created ice cream rolls. Lastly, he garnished the ice cream with green chillies and served it. Take a look at the video here:

Ever since this video was posted on YouTube, it has garnered 77 lakh views and four lakh likes! Many people expressed their dismay in the comments. One user wrote, “In future we will get to see and mayonnaise in Ice Cream.” Another user said, “Thoda garam masala aur kaali mirch daal deite toh bahut tasty banti so called ice cream” (If they would have added some garam masala and pepper, it could have elevated the taste of the so-called ice cream.)

Many other users have also written that vendors have started to create bizarre things to gain attention, and others said that these food experiments need to stop.

What do you think about this green chilli ice cream? Let us know in the comments below!

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