Watch: Shahid Kapoor Declares His Love For Coffee With A Funny Viral Instagram Trend

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addiction is a reality, and it’s not just us who own up to it, many of our favourite celebrities share the same love for this popular caffeinated drink. Mira Kapoor, on many occasions, has confessed to it, and Ishaan Khatter even shared his go-to recipe. Now it looks like that coffee obsession runs in the . This time, it was Shahid Kapoor who expressed his love for coffee, but in his own unique style. He recently posted a reel on with the trending reel audio – Lanuna Cafe, which is widely being posted by on the platform. 

Shahid Kapoor posted a mimetic reel on Instagram with different clips of him making, drinking and offering coffee. The begins with him standing in a small pantry shouting out loud, “I’m making coffee, anybody wants coffee? I’m making coffee” as it startles his crew members standing nearby. In the next clip, he steps out of his vanity van with a cup of coffee in his hand, again screaming – “I’m having a cup of coffee, does anybody?” And it scares the crew members so much that they jump out of their seats and one of them flings papers in the air.  And in the last one, Shahid is just walking around on the sets yelling, “Anybody wants coffee coz I’m having a cup of coffee,” with confused onlookers around him.  

Take a look at the video: 

Shahid’s wit has always won us over and this video too amused all his followers, many of whom left laughing and heart emojis, and funny comments on the post. One wrote, “Go on Koffee With Karan show,” another wrote, “I want coffee” and one fan wrote, “Will only drink coffee for you.” 

The video soon went viral after it was posted with more than 4 million views, more than 7 lakh likes, and thousands of comments so far. 

Are you also crazy for coffee like Shahid Kapoor? Let us know in the comments below.  

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