Watch: Saransh Goila Shares This Famous Recipe From Gujarat, A Must Try In Winters

Traditional Indian food is pure bliss. Each and every region has a unique set of recipes that take our taste buds on a joy ride. Umbadiyu is one such popular dish from the state of Gujarat that is relished when the temperature dips. Although it sounds like “Undhiyo”, it isn’t the same. For Umbadiyu, you need limited masalas and ingredients as compared to Undhiyo. Also, Umbadiyu is always cooked in an earthen pot, buried in the ground.

Celebrity chef has demonstrated the step-by-step recipe of “Umbadiyu” in his latest Instagram Reels. In the caption, he stated, “Umbadiyu is cooked in a pot partially underground or above the ground and covered from all sides fully with leaves, cow dung and wood and then set on fire.” For this, vegetables are marinated in a basic green garlic and chilli paste and then baked in the pot, which is sealed with leaves of Kalar and Komboi, available in winters only, Goila added. 


1) Wild beans/green papdi – 2 kg

2)  Potatoes – 500 gm

3) Baby brinjal – 500 gm

4) Sweet – 500 gm

5)Purple yam/kand – 500 gm

Umbadiyu Masala

1) Green garlic – 500 gm

2) Fresh coriander – 500 gm

3) Green chilies – 15 to 18 pcs

4) Fresh – 4 inches

5) Sea salt to taste

6) – 8 tablespoons

Procedure to make Umbadiyu:

1) Wash and dry the vegetables including Surati beans, potatoes, baby brinjal, sweet potato and purple yam.

2) Cut the root vegetables into chunks and make a slit in the centre but not all the way through.

3) Now, prepare the . For this, throw green garlic, fresh coriander, green chillies, fresh turmeric, sea salt and lemon juice in a  blender.

4) Fill the cut vegetables with the chutney you prepared.

5) Sprinkle some sea salt on vegetables and beans. Add coarsely crushed , oil and leftover chutney and mix well.

6) In a pot, add Kalar and Kamboi leaves on the base, stuff the pot with the pre-printed vegetables and seal with the leaves.

7) Roast for 40 mins

Take a look:

Tempting enough? Do not forget to try this out if you ever happen to visit Gujarat in winter.

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