Watch: Man Makes Coffee With Fries, Pizza And More – Want To Give It A Try?

Internet can be one interesting place for all. Every now and then we get to see various interesting content that leave us entertained to the core. One such instance is the interesting (often bizarre) videos. From miniature cooking videos to offbeat experimentations – we get to see it all across platforms. Remember those videos featuring chocolate chai and kulhad pizza? Some of us loved those experimentations, while some reacted to it strongly. Another such video we recently came across was of a cup of , made with French fries. Yes, you read that right!

A content creator, with Instagram handle named Whathowtry, shared this video where we could see him blending a handful of French fries and adding it to the coffee maker. He then presses the blended fries and adds milk to it and makes “McDonald’s fries coffee” for himself. Take a look at the video :

We further went through the handle – that has 105k followers – and found multiple other such videos where he makes coffee with doughnut, mouthwash, ’s crispy and more. Let’s find some videos here:

Each of these videos has garnered thousands of likes and comments. While some appreciated his experimentations, others were left confused.

We also came across various other videos, where he is seen trying pizza with skittles toppings, waffle pasta, popcorn pancake and more.

That’s not all. he also tries various kitchen hacks that are both unique and interesting. Check out the Instagram handle to watch this interesting videos. Click here.

And do let us know, which of these unique food combinations would you want to try.

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