Watch: Make Egg Cutlets For A Protein-Rich And Delicious Breakfast

Eggs are considered one of the best foods to have for breakfast. This superfood is a powerhouse of proteins and is loaded with several other essential nutrients that help keep our body healthy and strong. The versatile nature of the makes it an interesting dish to cook with as it can be prepared in a variety of ways for breakfast. The most popular breakfast recipes are omelette, double fry, sunny-side up, poached eggs and , and we all keep eating these dishes throughout the week. So, it can get a little mundane to eat eggs the same way. Not anymore! We have found a delicious egg breakfast recipe that’ll make you fall in love with eggs all over again. It is called an . This is exactly like the beloved potato cutlet we love, but it comes with an eggy twist!

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Egg Cutlet Recipe: How To Make Egg Cutlet For A Yummy Breakfast

For making this cutlet, you’ll first need to boil potatoes and mash them, boil eggs and chop them into tiny slices, dice the , chop the coriander and green chillies. Next, in a bowl, add the eggs, potatoes, onions, coriander, green chillies and combine them well. Add ginger-garlic paste, pepper powder, salt and juice to give it a flavourful taste. You’ll also need to add breadcrumbs to make the mixture firm and easy to bind. Shape the cutlets and shallow fry them till it golden brown.

Watch the step-by-step recipe video of Egg Cutlet in the Header Section.

You can pair this cutlet with toasted bread and ketchup to make a heavy breakfast or just simply enjoy it as a snack.

Sounds easy, right?! Make these delicious egg cutlets at home and surprise your family with your culinary skills! Do tell us in the comments section how you liked it.

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