Watch: Madhuri Dixit Expresses Her ‘Love For Chocolates’ With A Dance

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If you are a lover, then you would know how many roles this heavenly treat plays in our life, and the best part is that you don’t really need an occasion to eat one. Even after eating a full meal, we can’t help but nibble on a piece of chocolate. Just like us, even actress Madhuri Dixit loved chocolates and cannot resist eating her cravings. The 54-year-old dancing icon recently expressed her love for chocolate over a cute Instagram reel with her 28.2 million followers. Take a look:

In the video, she is lip-syncing to the reel audio ‘Oops I did it again’. She shakes her head in swagger and her sunglasses automatically drop down from her head and land in time on her face. She brings her bar of chocolate close to her face in excitement and takes a generous bite of it. As she chews the chocolate, she dances in merriment, expressing the joy she feels whenever she can get her hands on a delicious piece of chocolate. The accompanies the reel with the caption “love for chocolates.”

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Chocolate is not the only food Madhuri Dixit enjoys eating, this Bollywood foodie is actually a big fan of ! Only a few days ago we had spotted her eating a traditional Gujarati thali featuring the classic , poori, bhakarwadi and even . And that’s not all, she is also an advocate of coconut water. She shared that she always includes this natural drink in her daily diet for its benefit. She says it helps relieve stress, keeps the skin glowing and helps us stay healthy! Madhuri Dixit knows her food well and we can’t wait to see what she eats next!

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