Watch: Jason Derulo Teaches His Kid How To Make A Delicious Dessert

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Most parents don’t like to spoil their kids with sweet treats. Once the children take a liking to sugary candies and indulgent ice creams, there’s no going back. But American singer Jason Derulo isn’t a regular parent. The Jalebi Baby singer loves to go maximalist when it comes to and he isn’t censoring his self in front of his child. In a recent post, we see him making a baffling bowl of while his kid watches him. At first, Jason Derulo puts a huge lump of into a mixing bowl. Then, he adds sprinkles, drizzles with oodles of chocolate syrup and tops it all with heaps of candies. The singer tastes the dessert and we know that he loves it. He wrote in the caption, “Teaching Jason King make dessert.”

Here is the video:

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Jason Derulo stuns us with his over-the-top recipes. He once whipped up a surprising new way to serve popcorns. He drizzled the popcorns with different coloured syrups and froze them in a dome shape. He also added colourful candies and other syrups. 

Recently, a pâtissier created a that looked like Jason Derulo. Believe it or not, the cake is not a miniature but a life-size mannequin of the American singer. Take a look:

Once, the singer gave a mind-boggling makeover to doughnuts in his kitchen. No doubt about it that he made it an elaborate affair. He prepared a base with doughnuts, added wafers and chocolate bars on top. He poured tins of condensed milk and covered the surface with French vanilla cake mix. In the end, Jason Derulo added dollops of butter baked it in an oven. The singer garnished the baked cake with chocolate syrup.

But what really got us hooked to Jason Derulo’s food adventures is his attempts at jalebis. The singer tried to make crispy and syrupy jalebis in his kitchen while grooving to his hit number Jalebi Baby. “For those of you still wondering what a Jalebi is,” his caption read. Here’s a video that shows him making jalebis in a jiffy.

We’ve surely got a nonchalant foodie in Jason Derulo.


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