Watch: Jamnagar Singer Who Lost Her Income In Pandemic Now Sells Delicious Frankies On Roadside

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Ever since the pandemic began, many people have struggled to make ends meet. Some faced a loss in their business, some lost their jobs, and some were left helpless. But as time went on, we all managed to make the best out of our surroundings and earn an income. Till now, we are sure that you must have heard many tales of people re-starting their careers or jumping into something new to sustain a livelihood. Recently, one such inspiring story of a singer from has been going viral. Many on the internet have appreciated her efforts and hard work to earn!

In a video uploaded by Instagram @eatinvadordara, we can see a woman who is on her and telling her story. In the video, the woman says, “By profession, I am a singer, but during Corona, I was not able to earn. So, to get some income, I started a stall. Then, I noticed that no frankies are being sold in Jamnagar (Gujarat), so now I sell frankies. But still, by profession, I am a singer.”

Later in the video, the food blogger also asks the woman to show her skills. Her beautiful voice is sure to mesmerise you! As per @eatinvadodara, she is running her food stall successfully and is known as ‘Frankie Woman’. She is inspiring others not to lose hope even in the most difficult situations. Take a look at the full video here:

Ever since this video was uploaded, it has been viewed 326K times, has 44.4K likes and got hundreds of comments. Many people have applauded her hard work and appreciated her cooking and singing skills! One person wrote, “Kudos to all the women who turn their into power” and another wrote, “More power to such women! She has a great voice”.

Another user wrote, “The frankies look so tasty,” and “And the taste is really awesome.”

One user also said, “Her voice is brilliant.”

Some people have also asked for her location so they can visit her!

What do you think about her skills? Let us know in the comments below!

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