Watch: How To Make Methi Keema For Winter Indulgence (Recipe Video Inside)

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Let’s admit – winter calls for indulgence and there’s no denying to it. The season brings along several delicious foods that make us go on a bingeing spree. We have delicious gajar ka halwa, sarson ka saag, gondh ke laddoo and more. Then there is makki ki roti, gobhi and the list continues. Already slurping? What makes each of these dishes yet more palatable is the fresh produce. From gajar ka halwa to gobhi paratha – every recipe includes fresh and crunchy seasonal vegetables. Another such popular vegetable is . Fresh methi leaves are widely used to prepare various winter delicacies in India. In fact the leaves are so nutritious that they are also dried and used throughout the year. Methi leaves are a storehouse of nutrients including vitamin A, K, calcium, folate, antioxidants and more that help promote This is why we find extensive use of methi in our daily during the season. From methi paratha to methi laddoo and mathri – we make it all with this healthy green.

Another such methi-based recipe that tugs at heartstrings is methi chicken. Juicy chicken pieces dunked in spicy gravy made with methi greens help you put together a delicious meal in just no time. Another such dish is methi keema. Here, is cooked with methi leaves and spices to pair with roti or . Sounds delicious, isn’t it? Hence, we bring you the recipe of methi keema that can be easily replicated in your kitchen. Let’s take a look.

How To Make Methi Keema | Methi Keema Recipe:

  • Heat oil and add cumin seeds and bay leaf to it.
  • Add onion paste and cook till the colour changes.
  • Add ginger-garlic paste and tomato and cook until the latter turns soft.
  • Add dhania powder, haldi powder, black pepper powder, red chilli powder, salt, garam masala and cook.
  • Add minced chicken and cook for 10 minutes.
  • Add freshly chopped methi leaves and cook for7-8 minutes.
  • And a bowl of delicious methi keema is ready in just no time.

Much easy, isn’t it? Now, without wasting any time, prepare this dish and relish. Do let us know how you liked it.

Watch the recipe video in the header section.

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