Watch: How To Make Luscious Buttery Cookies For Christmas Feast

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There is something about Christmas time; the holiday cheer, the decorated streets, and the chilly weather that make us want to indulge in all things delicious and sweet. Although we may have already stuffed ourselves with a bunch of cakes and baked treats, there can always be some room for a buttery cookie, right? Cookies are the perfect decadent treat to make for Christmas time. While you are busy decorating the house or catering to your guests, you can munch on these delicious tiny but filling cookies and go about your work. What’s best is that you needn’t spend heaps of money on getting the right cookies for your celebrations, because now you can make restaurant-like delicious and crumbly cookies right from the comfort of your kitchen.

Making the perfect cookie may seem like an intimidating task, but not if you know of all the and tricks to make sure they turn out perfect. The moment you bite into a cookie, an array of flavours explodes within. It’s no surprise that a freshly baked batch of homemade cookies disappears in an instant! Moreover, these simple cookies require not more than a handful of ingredients and also have the simplest cooking method. So what are you waiting for? Get your baking hats out and rustle up these Christmas special cookies in a jiffy. Here is the recipe for you.

Christmas 2021: How To Make Butter Cookies l Butter Cookies Recipe

Thoroughly whisk butter and powdered sugar together, once a smooth paste has been formed, mix vinegar and vanilla essence too. Add some and then the maida. Mix with light hands until everything’s incorporated. Prepare dough and cut in the size of cookies and let it bake for around 20 minutes. For the detailed recipe, look at the in the header section.

Serve these delicious buttery cookies with milk or masala hot chocolate and spread the festive cheer!


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