Watch: How Baby Bear Tries To Steal Food From A Man Sitting In His Car

When hunger kicks in, we search our whole house just to find a that would satiate our stomach! Our minds can’t focus on anything but food, and we look deep within the , check the corners of the snack cabinet, in the hopes that we would find something to munch on. That’s just how we behave! But have you ever wondered what happens when bears are hungry? A man’s eye-opening encounter with hungry baby bears will leave you in disbelief and in awe at the same time! In search of food, two hungry baby bears stumbled across a man with food and what happened next was so shocking that you wouldn’t be able to guess it!

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Bill Duval, a resident of the state of California in the USA, had just come back from the market after grocery shopping when he saw two baby bears sniffing around his driveway. Duval had corned beef in his grocery bag. After smelling the food in his car, one of the baby bears approached the car and opened the door! Yes, you read it right; the baby bear managed to open the car door not once but three-four times in its pursuit of food. You can see this entire event taking place in the clip shared by ABC7 on . The video got over 2,145 views. Take a look:

Bill Duval commented in the video “I drove up to my driveway and as soon as I started to open the door, both of the cubs were coming down immediately. The one cub must have been Irish. So it was probably looking for corned beef because it came right to the door.”

The persistence of the bears to find some food to munch on is relatable to all hungry foodies. One tends to go to great lengths to satiate their hunger!

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