Watch: Gwalior Man’s “Jugaad” To Setup Coffee Machine Impresses Internet

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As they rightly state, “necessity is the mother of innovation”. The proverb has been proved right time and again, with people innovating technologies to make life easier. Every now and then, we find people making something unique and useful out of very basic amenities. These make life only easier and smoother. One such instance we recently came across was of a man from Gwalior, who made a coffee machine set up on a cycle, that too with complete “jugaad”. The of the coffee seller was uploaded by vlogger Foody Vishal on his channel. In the 45-second video, we could the person with his on-the-go coffee machine, that he had set up on a cycle. And instead of a regular machine, he used a pressure cooker to prepare frothy coffee.

The man uses the pressure cooker as a coffee machine, where he added an external pipe to the cooker, that helps create the pressure (without the whistle) to make the froth. The video starts with the person adding to a jug. He then adds coffee powder and to it. Everything is then mixed well with the help of the pipe to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

“Cycle Pe sabse badiya jugaad (best jugaad on cycle),” the video caption read. Take a look at the short video:

Very interesting; isn’t it? The innovation in the video grabbed all our attention, garnering almost 37k views. Several people also appreciated the “jugaad” in the comments section of the video.

“India mai talent ki kami nahi hai (There’s no dearth of talent in India),” read a comment. “Congratulations,” another person wrote.

What do you think about this unique video, let us know in the comments below.

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