Watch: Girl Sells Cookies To Raise Funds For Leg Treatment, Later Surprised With Her Own Bakery

eceefjpo lyla 625x300 08 November 21

In the vast videos that we encounter on the internet, there are many kind people who warm our heart with their humanitarian deeds. Whether it’s a simple act of or anyone doing something special for someone in need – these videos never fail to make us smile. And one such that will indeed make you feel happy is the story of a 10-year-old girl . When user Charlie Rocket came across Lyla, selling cookies to raise funds for her leg treatment, he decided to help her out in the most surprising way!

In a short reel posted by the user Instagram, he first approaches the girl and asks her, “what is your dream?” The girl adorably replies to him saying that, “I like to cook, I have made cookies today, we are doing a fundraiser at my home for my leg treatment.” Then when Charlie realizes about her condition, he asks the girl if she would like to bake for them. As he further documented his experience with Lyla, he showed her buying ingredients from a and baking cute pig shape cookies for him.

At the end of the video, Charlie reveals that he is going to surprise Lyla with her own for 24 hours and help her raise funds for her leg treatment. In the next reel, Charlie unveils the surprise for the girl. Take a look at the video below:

Ever since the video was posted it has garnered 1 million views, 98.4k likes and thousands of comments. Many people have thanked and appreciated Charlie for his good work, and many have also admired Lyla’s enthusiasm to raise funds. One user said, “As someone who has had CRPS, I admire how beat up and positive Lyla is. The pain can almost be unbearable at times. Stay strong Lyla” While another user commented, “What a sweet angel, hope you get everything you dreamed of Lyla.”

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