Watch: Chef Saransh Goila’s Imli Candy Recipe Will Bring Back Your Childhood Memories

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There is something really magical about imli or tamarind candies, that always leaves to wanting more. And why not? It reminds us of soft, fruity, sour, sweet, candies. They often take us back to a time when we were kids. We’re sure all of you have fond memories of childhood days associated with imli candies. Feeling nostalgic already? Chef has a solution for you. In an Instagram , he shows how to make some mouth-watering tamarind candies. He shared the detailed recipe of making the imli candies, and asked his followers, “Tell me if you found it to be #delishaaas or not!”

Here’s what Saransh Goila used to make the imli candies:

  • Imli (tamarind) pulp: 100 gm
  • Jaggery: 100 gm (You can add more, if you like it sweeter)
  • Jeera powder: Half tablespoon
  • Chili powde: Half tablespoon
  • Pepper powder: Half tablespoon
  • Black salt: 1/4 tablespoon
  • Salt
  • Sugar powder

Procedure to make imli candies:

First, Saransh took tamarind pulp and started it. He then mixed jaggery into it and cooked the mixture until it got really thick. Then he transferred it to a bowl and added the chili powder, pepper powder, black salt, and salt.

Once the mixture cooled down, he took that and shaped it into small balls.

Finally, he coated it with sugar powder, and the imli candies were ready!

Watch the video here:

Few days ago, Saransh Goila taught us how to make with the right balance of coffee and sugar. He used sugar, butter, salt, cream, ice cubes, coffee, , and of course caramel to make this. In the final step, he added whipped cream along with caramel sauce. If you’re already craving, click here for the recipe.

Prior to this, Saransh had us drooling with colourful phulkas. Yes, you read that right! He once uploaded a video on Instagram where he added a colourful twist to our regular phulkas. He told his followers to first boil spinach and and puree them separately. He then kneaded two separate doughs and added the spinach and beetroot puree to each. Then he rolled out the phulkas and cooked them on the tawa! To see how he made these colourful phulkas, click here.

Instead of procrastinating, just head to the kitchen and try out any of these recipes.

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