Watch: Cheese, Chocolate And Butter – All Three Go In A Sandwich Sold At A Gujarat Stall

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There are so many guilt-ridden foods around us that make us go weak in the knees. Is , chocolate or coming to your mind? If cheese is a must on our , chocolate sates our sweet tooth like no other; and butter just makes everything better. What if we told you that there is a dish that combines all these three foods in one super delectable dish? The glutton in you must be jumping with joy! People living in have the privilege of tasting a vivacious sandwich that has bread slices smeared with the gooey cheese, chocolate and butter – all three of them! 

In a video posted by YouTube channel Foodie Incarnate, the blogger takes us to a tiny stall in Gujarat that makes this cheesy, chocolatey and buttery sandwich. Even before tasting the sandwich, its name will entice you. The maker calls it ‘Cheese Chocolate Triple’. 

Watch the video here: 

Watching the making of the sandwich left us drooling. How the three bread slices are smeared with chocolate and butter topped with a , is quite a treat for the eyes. And it doesn’t end there; there’s more chocolate in the form of syrup and more cheese in the form of grated cheese. And the final garnishing of chocolate chips has us salivating even more. For so much chocolate, cheese and butter going in this sandwich, its price of INR 160 is quite reasonable, we think.  

The video has clinched more than 140k views with more than 400 comments of divided opinions. While some viewers loved this creation, others found it too much to handle. 

One user commented, “This is not a sandwich, this is a “diabetic dish”, and another one said, “This sandwich should be called Heart attack sandwich.” Another one said, “I am lactose intolerant. That would probably kill me.” 

And then there were some who approved this with comments like, “I also want to eat this”, “yummy” and “looking delicious”.  

What do you think about this sandwich? Would you like to try it?

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