Watch: Blogger Shows The Making Of Masala Kaju Samosa At An Eatery In Ghaziabad

We love all the , but samosa holds a special place in our hearts. The fried -filled snack lights up our mood in every bite. Our go-to chai-time dish, samosa is something no one can say no to (or, at least, don’t want to say no to). While aloo is the obvious stuffing for samosa found everywhere in the country, many people also like to with other ingredients like paneer and matar. However, one thing remains the same – the delectable crunch on the outside and fiery, spicy filling inside. You may have seen and tasted many versions of samosa, but this one quite surprised us. Masala kaju samosa – did you know about this version of samosa?  

channel ‘Food Fatafat’ introduced us to this whole new avatar of samosa that brims with crunchy and creamy cashews, laced with a chatpata masala powder. It sounds so good, imagine how it would taste?! This samosa was discovered at Shagun Sweets in Ghaziabad, and the blogger in the video shows the whole process of making it there. 

Watch the video: 

Here’s how the masala kaju samosa is being made in the video: In a large machine that kneads flour automatically, maida, along with groundnut oil and water is put. Once the dough is kneaded lightly, it is taken out in a large vessel. Then kaju is fried in oil till golden brown, for about 15 minutes. Kaju is removed with the help of a sieve and excess oil is removed. Then a special samosa masala, made with spices like black pepper powder, dry chutney, and many other ingredients, is added to fried kaju. Next, the dough is divided into small parts and rolled out, and each one is stuffed with kaju masala, and folded to make samosa. Lastly, all these are deep fried to make crispy, masaledaar samosas.  

Are you also salivating after watching this video? Would you like to try this exciting samosa ? Let us know in the comments section below.

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