Watch: Blogger Cooks Maggi With Milk, Chocolate Sauce; Video Goes Viral

For many of us, winters and  go hand-in-hand. A piping hot bowl of Maggi on a chilly winter morning or evening – this very thought makes us slurp. Isn’t it? This is why we find Maggi lovers and yummy Maggi joints at every nook and corner of the city. And what fascinates us the most is the variety of Maggi-based dishes we find at those eateries. That’s not all. We also go creative in our kitchens with Maggi recipes. While some experimentations end up being a hit, some lead to being bizarre. We recently came across one such Maggi  that left us utterly confused. This recipe is shared by Anjali Dhingra on her Instagram handle ‘sooosaute’. It is Maggi made in milk and sauce. Yes, you read that right!

Anjali shared an Instagram reel that featured her preparing the Maggi. She starts with boiling milk and then adding raw Maggi in it. Then she added chocolate sauce to it and mixed. Finally, she drizzled some more chocolate sauce on the Maggi and ate. However, her reaction left the internet confused. Take a look at the complete post:

The in no time went , garnering 266k views, 11k likes and hundreds of comments. “Didi ye to maggi ka apmaan hai maggi mai chocolate! Dhoodh to thk ta ye chocolate kyuu (Maggi in chocolate is an insult to Maggi. Milk was okay, but why chocolate?!),”a comment read.

Another person wrote, “This is Ridiculous.” A third comment read, “Gunaah hai yeh…(This is a crime).”

This is not the first time that a Maggi-based bizarre recipe has taken the internet by storm. Earlier, we have seen Maggie prepared in Fanta, stuffed Maggi mirchi and more. Click here to find more about these bizarre Maggi recipes.

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