Watch: Bear Breaks Into House In California To Eat Leftover KFC Chicken

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Love crispy ? Juicy chicken pieces with crunchy, spicy coating – holds a special position in all our hearts. And of course, it makes us slurp at any time of the day. Much agreeable, isn’t it? Well, you are not alone. It seems a bear too shares the same emotion for a good crispy chicken. We recently came across a bear, who also finds it hard to restrict itself from bingeing on these chicken delights. Yes, you heard us! A surfaced on the internet where we could see a bear sitting on a kitchen top and enjoying a bucket of chicken. Here’s how the story goes.

John Holden, a man from California, recently returned home and found the main door was opened wide. Upon stepping inside, he saw the bear digging into his leftover bucket, while sitting on the kitchen counter. Holden instantly captured the moment on camera. Take a look at the video.

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According to a report in Daily Mail, Holden further said that the bear was not alone. He also found a bear just outside his house and assumed there was one more inside. However, he eventually got those animals out by making loud noises.

He further told a local media ABC7 that it was not his first encounter with bears. Earlier, Holden “bumped into” bears a couple of times in his backyard. “But definitely never in the house like that,” he added.

That’s not all. Holden said that the bear didn’t leave just after eating the crispy chicken. The animals were in fact roaming around in his backyard for long after that.

Have you experienced any such encounter till date? Let us know in the comments below.


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