Watch: Adorable Toddler Making Fried Rice Will Impress You With His Cooking Skills

We all know that the internet can be one entertaining place. So much so that when we are scrolling through social media, we just keep watching all kinds of videos and content for hours. It could be anything funny, someone’s special moments or even a range of adventures that people do. But in all these varieties of content, if there is anything that leaves us all impressed, it has to be those videos of toddlers doing all kinds of tricks. Recently, one such video of a toddler has been going viral. This time, an adorable toddler was seen making a delicious plate of fried full of veggies! And let us tell you, his amazing skills will undoubtedly leave you impressed!

In a video uploaded by user @sonikabhasin, we can see the toddler making some tasty . At the beginning of the video, you can see the child standing on a stool so he can reach the gas stove. Then, his mom asks him what he is , to which he cutely says, “Fried rice.” Then he goes on to mention the that he added. He says, “Onion, garlic, beans, and capsicum.” Then with some help, he adds the rice to the pan and stirs it. He also mentions, “Once the fried rice is cooked, then I will put some .” Check out the full video below:

Ever since this video was posted, it has been viewed 212K times, has 16K likes and hundreds of comments full of appreciation. One person wrote, “A very talented young man.” Another person wrote, “Wow! He is so independent! Kudos to you.” Someone also said, “That was so cute and adorable.”

Many people also appreciated that his mother was breaking stereotypes and said, “This is nice to see that his mother is breaking stereotypes. Hats off to her firstly.” Another person said, “Adorable! More parents of sons have to do this to break the mindset that kitchen work by default is feminine!! I love how easily Abir switches between English and Hindi!”

What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comments below!

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