Watch: Adorable Dog Shopping For Oranges In The Market Will Win Your Heart

No matter how bad of a day you are having, a cute animal can instantly turn it around. There is something about our pets and animals in general that makes us happy. You can play around with them, see them do various , or even see them rushing when you serve them - all these things put a smile on our faces! So, just in case you are having a bad day or good day, we have something that will surely make your time even better. Recently, an of a dog has been going on the internet. This time, you can see the dog shopping for some oranges! Yes, you heard us!

The video was originally shared on by @markslurker we can see crates of oranges on a roadside where two women are picking the fruit. Then a dog enters from behind with a small basket in his mouth. As he comes closer, he gently taps the lady beside him so she can give the dog some space to buy oranges. Then the dog keeps the basket on the ground, and the shopkeeper puts oranges in his basket! Once his basket is full, the dog picks it up with his mouth and goes away! Check out this adorable video here:

Since the video was posted, it has been viewed 2.7 million times, has 78.9K likes and many comments! Many people are exclaiming how adorable the dog is! One person wrote, “I would just die. That’s way too adorable.” Another person said, “That’s the cutest tap ever! And I love how that lady reacts. So special!” Someone also said, “Dogs are absolutely adorable! They sure as heck make me happy! I mean, just look at them and how they act! I love them so much.”

In contrast to this, many people also mentioned that this could be a service dog helping out his owner. A user wrote, “It’s because they’re working, and if you distract them, it could be dangerous for the owner. I can’t tell from looking what the dog is trained to do. It could be their owner relies on them to detect things they need to respond to right away, like seizures. I’ve also seen someone post about being mobility impaired and losing their balance and getting injured because a stranger distracted their dog by calling them over for pets.”

What do you think about this video? Let us know in the comments below!

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