“Wasn’t Bourbon Biscuit Longer?” Britannia Responds To Query About Size

Childhood was a period of unparalleled bliss which we all reminisce about. The carefree, playful days and the yummy treats we ate make us nostalgic even today. From biscuits to candy, to drinks – there were so many items which would feature among our childhood favourites. , for instance, was a chocolate cream-filled delight sprinkled with on top that every kid relished. Food author recently took to Twitter to post a query about the iconic biscuit. Take a look:

“Is it just my imagination (or greed) but didn’t Bourbon biscuits used to be longer,” he asked tagging Bourbon’s manufacturing company Britannia in the post. His post received several likes and retweets, and even received a witty response from the official handle. Take a look:

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“No change in size, Vir. We know expectations are big, though,” wrote Britannia in their tweet. Vir Sanghvi wrote back asking, “No change since when?” Then, Britannia responded, “Not in the last 6 years at least, Vir. And we hope you have been having us more often than that.”

The witty banter between the duo received several responses from Twitter users. Some agreed with Vir Sanghvi’s opinion that Bourbon biscuit had reduced in size. Others wondered if the biscuits had seemed longer since Vir Sanghvi had consumed them when he was smaller, that is, during his childhood.

Take a look at some of the reactions:

Recently, a ’s photograph of a snack platter also made people recall the bliss of their younger days. With chips, cake, samosa and chocolate served on the same plate, it reminded Twitter users of the food served at birthday parties they would attend during their childhood. Click here to read more about it.

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