Want To Know A Healthy Way To Eat Kebabs? Pooja Makhija Shows The Way

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Do you often worry about the amount of you are consuming on a day-to-day basis? Or in a effort to eat healthy, do you end up lowering your taste thresholds? However, you always don’t have to sacrifice taste to eat well and healthy. Do not believe us? Well, then take a look at this Instagram post by nutritionist Pooja Makhija. She shared a healthy recipe of high-protein kebabs. Yes, you read that right! The nutritionist wrote a detailed caption where she busted a few myths and misinformation related to protein intake.

Pooja wrote, “More than 70% of Indian mothers believe in myths that protein is difficult to digest, leads to weight gain, is only for ‘body-builders and is expensive to procure. Helping you bust that myth and also providing you with easy ways to jump up the intake of this essential macronutrient.”

To make the kebabs, Pooja used the following ingredients:

  • Soaked chana dal

  • Garlic
  • Ginger
  • Chili
  • Spices (Chat masala, pepper, hing, salt, cumin powder, turmeric and chili flakes)
  • Cilantro
  • Lime juice
  • Onion
  • Sesame Seeds

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Here’s how Pooja made the high-protein kebabs:

First, Pooja took soaked chana dal, ginger, chili and added the whole set of spices into it including chat masala, pepper, hing, salt, cumin powder, turmeric and chili flakes. She mixed it all and turned it into a paste.

In the final stage, she blended cilantro, lime juice, onion and sesame seeds with the paste. She gave it the shape of (kebabs) and shallow fried it.

In the caption she wrote, “Use the kebabs as a filler evening snack, a starter at parties, a mid-morning snack or the use as filling for a wrap with lettuce- it’s a great yummy protein-rich tasty food.”

Watch the video here:

In an earlier post, Pooja had shared the recipe of another high-protein diet — a protein-rich pasta that’s tasty and healthy. She captioned the post, “Healthify the junk. Make pasta protein-rich with this new twist. I have packed in the complete fist with carbs, protein, fats, vitamins, and minerals.” To make the pasta sauce, Pooja used onions, garlic paste, and spinach leaves. She then added the pasta to it, squeezed some on it and the high-protein pasta was ready. Read more about it here.

Once, Pooja also gave a healthy twist to a regular cinnamon roll. She made those healthy cinnamon rolls using flour, , and baking soda. She suggested replacing sugar with palm jaggery. To find out how Pooja made the healthy version of a cinnamon roll, click here.

If Pooja Makhija’s yummy and healthy free recipes have left you drooling, head to the kitchen right away and rustle up your own version of the guilt-free dishes

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