Wait?What?! Divyanka Tripathi And Vivek Dahiya Are Having Black Ice Cream In Dubai

Divyanka Tripathi seems to be having a great time in Dubai. She regularly updates her Instagram with images and videos of her exploration of the exotic place and the variety of food it offers. From Turkish to English, Dubai is a dreamland for culinary connoisseurs. During her visit to the ongoing Dubai Expo, Divyanka and Vivek tasted some delicious food items. She offered an insight into her food preferences via some images and videos shared on her , which showed a giant burger, some fingers, and a chocolate ice cream.

Take a look at her post: 

In one of the Stories, Divyanka Tripathi asks her husband, actor  Vivek Dahiya what is he having and he says, “it’s an ice cream by a Lithuanian company named “Dadu”. 

If Divyanka Tripathi’s Instagram Stories made you drool for , here’s how you can have it in the comfort of your home. For those who are looking for non-vegetarian burger options, take a look at this mouth-watering burger recipe.

Divyanka Tripathi’s Dubai trip has been an incredible food adventure for the couple. And, Vivek has confessed that they were “spoiled for choice in Dubai.” Previously, the actress had enjoyed a plate of Turkish with milk poured all over it. Then, she showed me a plate of Baklava ice cream and a cup of coffee at a restaurant.

On Vivek’s , they had a sky-view dinner. The spread featured bowls of salad and desserts.

Are you drooling?

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