Wait? What! Vadodaras Special Faluda Has No Faluda; Internet Is Intrigued

Indians are extremely passionate about food, so much so that they love to with it and create new and delicious dishes that makes us drool! From tandoori momos, rabri , butter and more, we love to create fusion foods that take inspiration from the best of the desi flavours. That too, the streets of India offer some of the most delicious and vibrant dishes one has ever tasted. Today, we have found one such unique and exquisite dish from the streets and it is none other than the beloved faluda. But this is no ordinary faluda, this sweet treat has a delicious twist to it. This faluda is made without using any faluda! Don’t believe us? Take a look:

In the video, we see the street vendor make fifty faluda at once. He starts by adding rabri to all the glasses. Then he adds generous amounts of sabja (basil seeds) in each cup Then, the vendor is tops the faluda with mawa. After that, it is thoroughly mixed and then placed in ice so that the faluda tastes fresh and cold. The faluda is served with ice cream, mawa and rabri. The reason why this faluda from stands out is that, unlike normal faluda, this faluda does not have seviyan in it. This makes the faluda fast-friendly and thoroughly.

The video was uploaded by Amar Sirohi via his Instagram @foodie_incarnate. The video has garnered around 940k views and 63k likes. The internet was intrigued after seeing this unique dish! While some people were confused whether a dish without faluda aka seviyan, can be considered faluda, others found it looked very delicious. What did you think about this unique faluda? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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