Wait, What? This 24 Karat Gold-Plated Momo Has Our Attention

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Hot, fulfilling and delicious are the things that define momos the best! This street food with a side of spicy red is an undeniable classic when looking for something indulgent. Over the years, our love for momos has grown so much that now we see variations from tandoori momos to . And one such variation that has recently come up is the Gold Momo! Yes, you read that right! This huge two-kg Gold Momo is filled with yummy veggies, cheese and topped with a layer of edible 24 karat gold plating. With this unique spin to our regular momos, the Bahubali Gold Momo has indeed caught the eyes of many.

In a video uploaded by user @whatafoodiegirl, she claims that this is “India’s first gold momo” made by Messy Adda ; in Mumbai. The massive Gold Momo comes in a round steel box and is topped with chopped carrots in the middle and edible gold all around it. The weight of the momo is two Kg and comes in a combo with one orange mojito, two chocolate momos and three dippings- spicy chutney, mayonnaise and mint chutney.

This delicious looking huge momo can easily be shared between six to eight people and costs INR 1,299.

Ever since the video of the Bahubali gold momo was uploaded, it has garnered one million views and up to 57.7K likes and several comments. Take a look:

While many people thought this Bahubali Gold Momo would be really good in taste, some said it is “overpriced” and “would not taste good.”

One of the users said, “This is something new, I totally want to dig on that big momo”. Some other users also added that “Doesn’t make any sense, the gold plating doesn’t effect on the taste, flavour, texture or aroma, neither it’s going to make it tastier.”

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