Wait, What!? Surat Vendor Combines Pizza And Pani Puri To Give Pizza Puri

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Combining two popular dishes has become the latest trend in food arena these days! Indian culinary enthusiasts – from street vendors to master chefs – almost everybody has started to dabble in fusion food. The key construct to create today’s trending fusion dish is to take two completely different dishes, like masala dosa and ice cream, and bring them together to give us masala dosa ice cream! Fusion dishes like Maggi manchurian and tandoori momos are enjoyed by foodies, other combinations like Maggi paratha and Fanta pani puri have disappointed foodies across the country. We have found another fusion dish straight from that combines pani puri and pizza to give us pizza puri! Don’t believe us? Take a look:

In the video, we see the street vendor take the puris and add seasoned mixture of diced capsicum, diced and . Here the typical aloo chana stuffing was replaced by this seasoned mixture. Next, rather than dunking the puris in the traditional meetha pani and chatpata pani, the puris are filled with liquid and tomato ketchup. Finally, each puri is topped off with a generous serving of grated cheese and the cheese is melted using a flame thrower. The pizza puri is ready! The video was uploaded by Instagram based food blogger @thefoodiecam. This fusion pani puri has garnered 140k views and 9k likes.

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People on the internet are quite conflicted about how they feel about this pizza puri. Some believe that this fusion street would actually taste good and this is a delicious invention, while others find it a bit unnecessary to combine pizza and pani puri and were not impressed by seeing what this pizza puri looked like. Here is what they commented:

“Noo please stop thisss”

“Yaar ajakal kisi bhi cheez pe cheese n vegetables, oregano add kr dalo toh pizza naam de dete hai. Panipuri ko to baksh do” (Nowadays people add cheese, vegetables and oregano to anything and call it pizza, let pani puri be)


“Better than Maggi puri and Fanta puri”

What did you think about this pizza puri? Do tell us in the comments section below!

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