Wait, What? Spain Organises ‘Ugliest Tomato Contest’; Dozens Of Farmers Participate

’s colourful culture and lively vibe has always attracted visitors from around the globe. Besides, what make this country a traveler’s hotspot are the unique cultural festivals – La Tomatina and bull run being the most popular ones. And after watching the film ‘Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara’, today we need no introduction to what La Tomatina is. It is a tomato festival held in Valencian town in Bunol (East Spain) where participants throw on each other and get into tomato fights for entertainment purpose.

But have you ever heard of ‘Ugliest Tomato Contest’? As the name says, it is a contest where farmers compete against each other to find who grew the ugliest tomato among all. Sounds interesting, isn’t it? Reportedly, this festival is organised every year in the city of Tudela, Spain, where tomato growers participate with all their ugliest looking tomatoes. This festival is also referred to as “Ugly tomato of Tudela”. According to the Reuters handle, this year dozens of participants submitted ugly tomatoes of Marmande variety. Speaking about the ugly looking tomatoes a participant – Santos Martinez- said, “They come out ugly because we have some bees that germinate them. They take the pollen from one place to the other, but in this case something went wrong.”

This year’s winners were Marisol and Vincette Martinez, who were awarded an Iberian ham – a variety of cured pork produced in Spain and Portugal. “Yes, we did not grow ugly ones to come to the contest. An ugly lot came out and that was it. The ugly ones come out by chance,” the winners said.

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