Wait, What? McDonald’s Selling “Get Slim” Meal In China – Twitter Reacts

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We love burgers, pizzas, and pastries – don’t we? These delicacies might be great on our palate, but they don’t go well on our waistline. Calorific fast foods not only lead to , but also promote several lifestyle diseases, including , cholesterol and much more. This is why we often give it a second thought before stepping in to our favourite eateries for sinful indulgences. Much relatable? But what if we tell you McDonald’s is helping you check on calorie count, along with offering all the yummy burgers and nuggets?! Yes, you read that right.

Reportedly, a McDonald’s outlet – believed to be in China’s Shanghai – has used cycles (instead of regular tables and chairs) for sitting arrangement.

Currently, a is doing the rounds on that features a lady cycling on the exercise bike, while chomping a burger and gulping down some soft drinks. A Twitter handle – named Alvin Foo – shared the video on Twitter that went viral on the micro-blogging site. Initially, one might get confused if the clip was taken in a gym, but the branding on the cycle and the glass door re-assures it to be a McDonald’s joint. “@McDonalds “get slim” meal in #Shanghai,” the post read.

Check out the post here:

By now, the video has garnered more than one million views, 1.5k likes and hundreds of comments. We handpicked some of the interesting comments below. Take a look:

“I’m sure she burned like 20 calories while consuming 800,” wrote one. Another person stated, “Pretty sure engaging in exercise while eating isn’t a good idea.”

A third comment read, “That’s genius, not gonna lie.” Another person commented, “It would be even better if it creates energy to run the restaurant.”

What are your thoughts on this? Write back to us in the comments below.

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