Wait, What? Man Grows 1269 Tomatoes From Single Stem; Breaks His Own Record

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Ever since the pandemic began, many of us finally found time to follow our hobbies. Some learnt play various instruments, some levelled up their , and some of us began to grow our own foods! But in this process of growing your food, we are sure that you must have come to realise how difficult it can be at times. It takes time, commitment, knowledge and, most importantly, a great deal of passion. People have spent days and months caring for their plants to cultivate and veggies. Some even broke certain for growing the biggest or massive fruits in their backyard! Don’t believe us? Well, allow us to introduce to you one such British gardener who broke his record of growing the maximum number of from a single stem!

In 2021, Douglas Smith from Stanstead Abbotts, England, harvested 839 tomatoes from a single stem. A year later, the man broke his own . According to Guinness World Records, Douglas beat his previous record on March 9, 2022, when he developed another greenhouse grown plant that produced 1,269 tomatoes from one single stem. Although the tomato plant was grown entirely on September 27, 2021, the verification process took weeks to complete before the formal certification was obtained.

Taking to his Twitter, the man shared the news with his followers. On Twitter, he wrote, “A new Guinness world record! Delighted to announce that my record 1,269 tomatoes on a single truss have just been approved. It breaks my record of 839 from last year” He even posted pictures of his hard work. Take a look at it here:

Before Douglas broke this record twice, this record was held by Graham Tanter and had not been broken in over 10 years!

Douglas Smith also holds the record for the world’s heaviest tomato. The tomato weighed 3.1 kgs against the last record made by Peter Glazebrook of 2.8 kgs.

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