Wait, What? Jaipur Vendor Fries Pakodas In Hot Oil With Bare Hands

Wait, What? Jaipur Vendor Fries Pakodas In Hot Oil With Bare Hands

In India, eating with hands is quite a common practice. Desi Twitter users often explain to foreigners and celebrities, recommending using their bare hands to eat dishes such as Dosa and Curd . Surprisingly, experienced Indian cooks sometimes use their hands in the process of making delicious . Recently, we came across the of a Jaipur who is frying up Pakodas. The twist is that instead of using a spatula or implement for this purpose, he actually dips his bare hands into the hot oil to fry the delicious Pakodas. Don’t believe us? Take a look at the video and see for yourself:

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Shared on Instagram by user @bombayfoodie_tales, the video has got Instagram users to sit up and take notes. It has raked in 205k views and 10.8k likes since the time it was shared. “Jaipur’s heatproof wala,” reads the caption to the video. The stall of this Jaipur Vendor is Kisan Pakode Wala, located at Hawa Mahal Road in Kanwar Nagar, Jaipur.

In the short clip, we can see him dipping his bare hands in the hot oil in the huge iron griddle. He is not only making the delicious Pakodas by hand but also frying them with his hands. The Jaipur-based vendor does not seem to be in pain, and is in fact, smiling thanks to the years of experience of making Pakodas.

Internet users were left stunned to see the Jaipur vendor frying Pakodas with such ease. “Wow so amazing,” wrote one user while another said, “He is looking like Iron Man!” A few others attempted to explain the science behind this. “The trick is, you first dip your hand in ice-cold water, then put it in hot oil. The thin layer of water takes some time to evaporate or dissolve,” shared one user.

Watch The Full Video Of The Pakoda Seller Here:

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Whatever the science may be, the amazing stunt has definitely left the internet impressed. This is not the only street food vendor who has used his hands to prepare food in the recent past. We recently saw a vendor who used his bare hands to make a delicious cheela. The vendor avoided using a spatula to spread the cheela batter on the hot tawa. Click here to read more about it.


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