Wait?! What? Bangladeshi Street Vendor Is Selling Bizarre Masala Strawberry

8607eqog masala

Some of us prefer to eat salty over sweet while others can’t live without dessert. When it comes to food, everybody has their own preferred tastes. Thanks to these unique tastes of individuals, there are so many interesting food experiments out in the world! Some experiments were successful and the others were considered a mistake. These experiments have given us some of the most controversial food combinations. From , biryani to Maggi milkshake; the internet has seen its fair share of combinations. Today, we have found another such dish that has the internet confused. In a viral video, a Bangladeshi street vendor tried to by bringing the sweet and salty flavours in one dish – masaledaar strawberries. Don’t believe us? Take a look:

In the video, we see the street vendor chop some of the freshest and pinkest strawberries. After that, he places them in a jar and seasons the chopped strawberry with salt, mustard and more masala and then seals the jar to give it a good shake. Once the strawberries are bathed in masalas, he simply serves them on recycled paper. Strawberries are usually enjoyed in a sweet dish, whether it is in the form of a strawberry smoothie or a strawberry cheesecake. Never have we heard of a savoury chatpata snack made of strawberries! The video was uploaded by an Instagram called @ourcollection. With over 6.6 million views and more than 300k likes, this viral video has made the viewers uncomfortable.

This bizarre street food from Bangladesh has the Indian audience’s mind boggled! People are disturbed after seeing strawberry masala, a viewer exclaimed ‘satyanas’ and another wrote “RIP strawberry”. The general consensus is that people don’t need their strawberries with masala.

What do you think about this ? Would you be interested in trying this masala strawberry? Do tell us in the comments section below.

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