Viral Video: Woman Cooks Noodles In Wok While Dancing, Netizens Awestruck

sogfalh woman cooking noodles

There is no dearth of entertaining content on the internet. Interesting and unique videos pop up every now and then on our feeds. videos are also one such category of addictive videos which make for a must-watch for all foodies surfing the internet. A recently surfaced video, however, broke the norm of regular cooking videos. Foodies on the internet were in for a surprise when they saw a video of a woman cooking noodles in a wok while dancing. Take a look:

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The video was shared on by user @Hinder_Surprise. It went and garnered 9.1 million views and counting on the micro-blogging platform. What we saw in the video was a lady making noodles in a wok while simultaneously dancing to the international hit single ‘’ by South Korean singer PSY. The heavy pan was amazingly well-balanced by the woman, that too keeping time with the beats of the song. The impressive antics of the lady got quite a few bystanders who were there to witness the live-action and record videos too.

The viral video garnered many reactions on the internet. Twitterati was shocked to see the woman’s cooking and dancing prowess while others wished the people watching it live could have been a little more enthusiastic. Take a look at the hilarious responses:

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Some people also wondered how much practice the lady would have done prior to her performance. What did you think of the video? Let us know in the comments below!

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