Viral Video Of Ramen Soup With Ice Cream Is Giving Foodies Mixed Thoughts

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The internet is a source of creativity and inspiration; however, not all this creativity is appreciated, especially when it comes to . In the recent past, we have seen a trend of bizarre foods going viral. Food bloggers and eateries make the most unusual dishes combining two or more distinguished flavour to create an all-new preparation. In India, we have seen things like Rabri Golgappa and even Maggi take the internet by storm. And now, we have encountered yet another bizarre preparation from the city of Osaka in Japan! A viral video showcases a weird that had a soft serve ice cream in it. Wondering how it looked? Watch the video and see for yourself:

As it turns out, this idea of bizarre dishes has not been limited to India alone. Eateries all across the world are combining unusual flavours to shock and surprise their customers. This viral video of the was shared on Instagram by blogger Jesse Ogundiran. It has raked in over 3 million views and 150k likes. “Would you try Ice Cream with Ramen,” asked the blogger in the caption of his post.

In the clip, Jesse revealed that this Ramen with ice cream was a dish being served at the Franken restaurant in Osaka, Japan. Called as the ‘Sweet and Spicy Miso Ramen’, a bowl of hot ramen is served topped with an entire ice cream cone. The ice cream apparently adds creaminess to the soup due to the used in it, thus neutralising its spicy taste.

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Several Instagram users reacted to the bizarre video of the Ramen with Ice cream. “Honestly how does it taste? Will you have it again,” questioned one user while another wrote, “Vanilla is okay but chocolate is out of the question!” A few others thought the dish was completely normal. “People put cheese and/or sugar in their ramen and some people also put ice because they can’t handle the heat so I don’t see the big deal,” quipped another user.

What did you think of the ramen soup with ice cream in it? Would you try this bizarre dish as shown in the viral video? Tell us about your thoughts in the comments below.

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