Viral Video Of Knife Cutting Into Steak Will Stun You, Here’s Why

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A is one of the most delicious and eagerly awaited part of any celebration, be it birthdays, weddings, or anniversaries. In the recent past, there has been immense experimentation with cakes, especially their presentation and visual appeal. Last year, the trend of hyperreal cakes had gone on the internet. Bakers were making cakes that looked deceptively real and exactly like household objects, but on being cut, they were nothing but delicious cake. It seems that the trend is back again, as proved by a recent video that went viral on . The picture showed a knife cutting into what seemed to be a rib , but after a second look, it was actually a cake inside! Take a look:

The video was shared on Twitter by user @Karnythia, where it raked in over 5.6 million views within a short span of time. It also received over 16.7k likes and thousands of retweets and comments. “Why is this back,” questioned the Twitter user.

The clip was originally shot by a baker named Inae, who goes by the handle @inaecakes on Instagram. “I wonder what Gordon Ramsay would say,” was her caption to the original clip. She had created the rib steak cake which was surprisingly very real and left internet users stunned. Take a look at the pictures of the cake that she shared on Instagram:

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The hyperrealistic ‘Steak’ Cake shocked Twitter users with how real it looked. Some users shared their disappointment since they were expecting a meaty steak that turned out to be a cake instead. Others were impressed with the baker’s skills. A few also took to the Twitter thread to share funny and puns.

Take a look at the reactions:

Did you like the hyperrealistic steak cake by the baker? Or would you rather have steak instead? Tell us in the comments below.

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