Viral Video: Man Pranks Food Samplers By Running Way With Free Food; Internet Is In Splits

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Who doesn’t like free stuff? We all love it when we get a free product with our order! We all hoard on the free ketchup packets and oregano packets whenever we eat fast . Getting something for free is just better than buying it; this is something we all agree upon. It is why many of us love to visit supermarkets, in the hope of finding food samples to test. But, when we do sample free food, our guilt makes us want to buy the product itself. But a man stood his ground and decided to prank all food samplers in a , and captured it on tape! The hilarious video has gone on and people can’t help but relate to the prank. Take a look:

Zac Zehnder and Tyler Mylo, the brains behind the prank channel @kingzehnofficial on Instagram, decided to visit a supermarket near them and tried all the food samples they possibly could. The moment the vendors would hand Zac Zehnder (the man in the video) a plate full of free food, he would sprint away, leaving the vendors in complete and utter surprise! The viral video has people laughing out loud and it has garnered 1.7 million views and 56.8 thousand likes.

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Here’s what people commented about the video:

“Cameraman gets some samples too lmao!”

“Now this is a good prank. Harmless, chaotic and confuse (sic) people”

“I remember when I was small and there were free samples of food, I just took all the samples and still got the full experience lmaoo”

“One time I took like ten flat samples so we had to buy of flat bread. I brought my parents over because they asked me too (sic), looking back they probably thought I was homeless or lost”

“Harmless prank + yummy food”

What did you think of this prank? Do tell us in the comments section!

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