Viral Video: Man Makes Barfi With Parle-G Leaving Internet Confused

The year 2021 has been all about unique combinations. From mixing milk and cola to making pakoda and bhaji with Maggie – people have tried experimenting with almost everything one can think of. While some experimentation turn out to be hit, some fail miserably. Then there are some unique (read: bizarre) food combinations that go viral garnering thousands of views on the internet. Remember the chocolate Maggie that went viral, leaving internet confused? Or the fried rice recipe that added Fanta to the dish during the preparation? Another such recipe we recently came across is made with Parle-G. You read that right! Food blogger Karan Singhal took to his Instagram handle – named ‘thefoodattacker’ – to share this unique .

Karan Singhal shared an Instagram Reel that featured the whole process of making the barfi. For making this dish, he first fried the biscuits in desi ghee and ground it to form a paste. Then take a bowl and mix milk powder and milk together. Prepare sugar syrup (chasni) and add the milk mix to it. Now, mix the Parle-G paste with the milk and keep stirring until it turns try and ghee oozes out. Transfer it to a plate and spread it evenly and let it set. Garnish it with and cut into pieces.

“Desi Ghee me FRIED Parle -G ki BARFI…Ingredients: Parle-G, desi ghee, sugar, water, milk powder, milk, dry fruits,” the caption read.

Watch the complete here:

This video has garnered 2million views, almost 80k likes and hundreds of comments till date. While some viewers appreciated the experimentation, some remained utterly confused thinking about the taste.

“Nice idea. Will try it for sure,” wrote one. Another person commented, “Noo…”

A third comment read, “Nice recipe. I want to try this …I used to make Parle-G biscuit cake but barfi I definitely want to try.” Another person wrote, “Don’t try these.”

Would you want to try this unique dish? Let us know in the comments below.

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